These Are the People You Need to Talk to: How Toxeos Personas Work

These Are the People You Need to Talk to: How Toxeos Personas Work

By sifting through vast amounts of available data, Toxeos has been able to distill all prospective medtech customers into 13 distinct personas – providing insight into their behaviours, motivations, and attributes.

By segmenting prospects based on where they work, what they do, and their specific interests and pain points, medtech firms can engage in a manner that resonates best with the individual.

These personas are a powerful tool for marketing and sales initiatives, as they help provide clarity into the minds of target audiences. With search functions that enable filtering by relevant specialty, procedure type, and activity score, Toxeos personas can help medtech providers build and optimize their outreach strategies.

Debunking Persona Apprehensions

While it’s important to acknowledge that everyone is an individual and has their own motivations and tendencies, it’s undeniable that your prospects do share crossover traits, goals, and values. These shared attributes allow us to group people together to find impactful entry points in order to connect with key influencers in the medical space, as opposed to resorting to generalization and stereotyping.

Working with Toxeos gives you access to data on the following personas:

  • The C-Suites – the strategically empowered senior officers, leaders, and those with decision-making power.
  • The Digital Opinion Leaders – the trailblazers at the forefront of digital transformation and optimization.
  • The Figureheads – the experienced professionals, often the chairs of their organization or other official bodies.
  • The Innovators – those leading the way with R&D, who actively stay ahead of the curve.
  • The International Players – tapped into the global market, they have a comprehensive vision and their fingers on the pulse of the world’s needs.
  • The Investigators – they have their eyes out for shifts in market demand and are always uncovering new areas for improvement.
  • The Practitioners – those with their boots on the ground and an intimate knowledge of product utilization.
  • The Referrers – those with valuable industry relationships and the proven ability to make connections.
  • The Researchers – those working on the next generation of products, chasing the next major breakthrough.
  • The Rising Stars – the up and comers in their field, who bring a fresh perspective to legacy problems.
  • The Speakers – those who regularly attend congresses, who engage in and shape discourse surrounding the MedTech space.
  • The Specialists – the sought-after industry experts who are able to predict, forecast, and conceptualize the latest changes in their field.
  • The Unit Leads – the ones who oversee, manage, and operationalize to keep everything running smoothly.


Understanding where your prospects fall within Toxeos’ profiles can empower you to reach new customers with messages that feel personalized. Catch the attention and earn the trust of key decision makers in your space by tapping into data-driven personas.

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