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Lots of customers ask how exactly our solution works. Well, at first glance, it’s a software platform, but sifts through vast volumes of data using a rigorous set of processes.

That’s how Toxeos gets you the information you need, in a way that can be used immediately.

We group individual physicians into 13 different types of influencer persona:

We see how each medical professional stacks up against each of these personas before segmenting their score so that you can see exactly how their abilities and experience can add the most value to your chosen activities.


Look for relevant medical practitioners: by relevant specialty, procedure type, and activity score filters.


See how each practitioner’s scores rank – according to activity.


Discover each practitioner’s wider network and how different professionals are interrelated according to their work activities.


View all publicly available information about each practitioner you’re interested in.


Ingest your own data to understand your growth opportunities at hospital level.


Export your selected list to feed your sales, marketing, and digital campaigns.

Our Method

How We Work

Data resourcing, collation and cleaning

We research and gather data relevant to your product’s treatment community. We use cleaning and processing algorithms to prepare the data for linking.

Algorithm linkage, profiles and scores

Our algorithms merge and disambiguate co-referring records from disparate data sources, creating rich profiles of HCPs and HCOs with scores and filtering attributes.

User friendly business intelligence dashboards

We create tailored dashboards with scores and filters which allow your team to explore segmentation and targeting for marketing and sales initiatives.

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Making An Impact

Quickly evaluate market opportunities, reach early adopters, and impress prospective funding partners – with a data-driven proof of concept.


Driving Sales Efficiently

Create an international, multichannel GoToMarket strategy, set and monitor KPIs, and build highly-focused, targeted lists of physicians and hospitals.

Established MedTechs

Changing Perceptions

Toxeos can provide differentiated customer data to adapt your strategies to and achieve stronger customer preferences.

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