Get Your MedTech Products in Front of the Right Audience

Get Your MedTech Products in Front of the Right Audience

As medical technology has progressed, so too has marketing. We’re long past the days of mass advertising or door-to-door sales. Today, there are seemingly endless ways to connect with physicians and other healthcare providers. At the same time, there are a vast number of medtech platforms and products for healthcare professionals and organizations to choose from.

In today’s competitive market, where new tools are introduced via new channels by the day, it’s increasingly critical that medtech brands really understand their audience.

A scattergun approach may have once gotten lucky, but today it’s more likely to deplete resources and waste time. Effectively segmenting your customer database, on the other hand, can enable you to personalize your outreach efforts and get results, without spreading yourself too thin.

Why Medtech Brands Need To Know Their Customers

An intimate understanding of your audience is a major asset in today’s online world. Being able to take a step back and know who your customers are, where they’re likely to be, and what will stimulate their interest are powerful differentiators for agile, data-led medtech companies.

The rise of online activity – in part due to the pandemic – has allowed for more data to be collected than ever before. Medtech brands that learn to centralize this information can remove the barriers of legacy knowledge and sales structures, giving marketing and sales teams real-time insights that empower them to target more precisely and increase conversion rates.

Based on industry regulations, medtech brands don’t have access to the same breadth of channels when it comes to marketing and advertising—but that doesn’t have to be detrimental. By focusing on available channels such as email, blogs and webinars to reach your audience and gauge their attention, you can identify which groups respond to which messages, further bolstering your segmentation and narrowing in on which solutions will convert which individuals.

Turning data into data-driven personas means turning that knowledge into power – it’s a critical first step.

The Value Of Data-driven Personas

Toxeos takes all of the information available about today’s medtech customers and distils it into detailed profiles. Our segmented database includes 13 distinct profiles, containing numerous data points, such as where someone is working, what they specialize in, and what their interests and expertise would be. We then use this information to build customized personas for our clients, which can be used to help classify and categorize prospects in order to personalize their experience with your brand.

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