From Face-to-Face to Digital: Improving the Human Connection in Medtech

From Face-to-Face to Digital: Improving the Human Connection in Medtech

For decades, medtech professionals have operated on the same basic premise: travelling and face-to-face interactions with prospects. This approach assumes that, in person, reps and marketers can develop a human connection with the doctor and do more to encourage a sale – but that’s not the most efficient (or effective) approach.

More and more organisations are opting for digital channels instead of meeting with their prospects face-to-face, and there’s a good reason for that. For one, make it easier for sales, marketing teams, and medical practitioners to be more flexible in how they communicate.

This saves time on both ends and reduces the time between follow-up conversations. In addition, pairing these communication channels with data-rich insights on the customer helps sales reps deliver messaging that’s more targeted and relevant, leading to more fruitful conversations.

When we talk about data, we don’t just mean numbers and figures. We mean actionable information that captures the doctor’s focus areas, interests, and experiences in their field. With this data in hand, medtech sales reps can reduce inefficiencies, be more targeted in how they engage with the prospect, increase agility, and do more to make their customers successful – all without compromising the human connection.

In fact, we would argue that a digital approach actually does more to increase the human connection as it’s based on tangible, actionable data that aligns with the prospect’s priorities.

Traditionally, a steady stream of sales reps would show up at a doctor’s office without knowing much about the person they were talking to. Today, we have a chance to do that differently. With the right data, medtech companies can identify the right people to engage, and equip their sales reps with the information they need to increase their chances at a sale. It’s a win-win.

At Toxeos, we’re empowering medtech companies with the data they need to have meaningful conversations with their customers. Get in touch to learn how. 

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