Embracing Omnichannel Marketing: A Must For Medtech

Embracing Omnichannel Marketing: A Must For Medtech

Over the last few years, medtech sales, marketing teams, and healthcare professionals have become increasingly accustomed to remote and digital communication. Offering a greater level of flexibility, whilst retaining an element of human connection, video calls can be coupled with data insights to create more meaningful and customer-focused conversations.

At the same time, a variety of digital tools have entered the market, which can give medtech marketers valuable insights and a competitive edge. In fact, healthcare professionals have come to expect a digital approach to marketing and sales, and they also know they can go online to gain value and knowledge. So where does this leave in-person face-to-face meetings?

As the world opens up, so do the opportunities for in-person events. For medtech companies, visiting hospitals and attending conferences are back on the agenda. But it’s also vital to hold onto the good work put into digital marketing, and ensure the true potential of these tools is not lost. Welcome to omnichannel marketing.

More ways to engage

There are more ways than ever before to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Omnichannel marketing encompasses every potential touchpoint on the customer journey – both online and offline – in order to give them the best possible experience of your product and brand, and ultimately lead them towards a meaningful conversation.

Rather than diminishing the importance of face-to-face engagement, taking an omnichannel approach can enhance the customer experience, so that every step of their journey is connected, with seamless progression from one touchpoint to another. It focuses on the individual experiences rather than a more general customer experience. This in turn enables you to kickstart conversation in a more productive way when you do eventually meet face-to-face.

Making it more personal

By using all the available data about your customers, you not only gain the insight that ensures you’re communicating with the right people, you’re also giving them a more personalised experience by providing messaging that’s bespoke to them and likely to increase customer buy-in, and further down the line – loyalty.

Omnichannel marketing also means that information gets shared across the organisation. When a single person has a conversation with a customer at an event, and begins to build a relationship – that interaction doesn’t necessarily become part of the shared knowledge. With an omnichannel approach, information is recorded from every touchpoint, stored, and shared.

Embracing face-to-face and digital

Taking an omnichannel approach means valuing face-to-face interactions at conferences (and other in-person events). On the other hand, it also means recognizing and retaining the benefits of the available digital platforms.

Bringing digital alongside face-to-face means finding a balance which can empower more meaningful conversations with customers, increase brand awareness, and generate warmer sales leads.

Balance is most definitely better.

At Toxeos, we’re empowering medtech companies with the data they need to have meaningful conversations with their customers. Get in touch to learn how. 

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