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“Growth support, identifying the right potential physicians and hospitals, Toxeos really does it all.”

Peter Pilavachi

CEO, Head of Alternatives

Picard Angst

“Toxeos offered us unique and innovative data analytical capabilities. Not only could we clearly identify our target audience without knowing or visiting any, we were also able to pinpoint the stakeholders that could really move the needle. Thus, our market access efforts were significantly accelerated and we achieved market entry with minimal resources on the ground. Toxeos’ capabilities in combining multiple data sources into something powerful are unmatched.”

Stelios Tsintzos

Assoc. Director Reimbursement & Mkt Access EMEA


“Toxeos built powerful intelligence on hospitals, allowing us to segment our market and identify the best targets in our go to market strategy for our new service solution in Europe. Having enriched data allowed us to have data driven discussion on our strategy.”

Oliver Blandin

Head of Sales Ops & Cust. Service


“It is really important for any company to understand its market and customers.  A good segmentation will benefit the entire company, from sales to marketing and will ultimately lead to increase in sales and a better allocation of resources and budget.  Thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience, Toxeos is the ideal partner for any company who wishes to embark on the journey of getting information of its market and segmenting its customers.

Xavier Clement

Associate Director

Align Technologies

“Showing potential customers a narrative they can immediately connect with and then backing that up with information tailored to them helps our sales teams immensely. Toxeos have now given us the ability to do that and no other organisation could have done.”

Esther Broer

Senior International Marketing Manager


“Knowing your individual customers at a click of a button and using insight to inform customer interactions can help build empathy – and ultimately more meaningful relationships with prospects. It also gives you the ability to reach out, respond, or mobilise a solution quickly – addressing customers’ needs through the power of data.”

Dominique Boulet



“When we looked for a partner to help us scale our product, develop more features, and appeal to investors, Toxeos quickly showed their ability to support this through data driven marketing.”

Jacques Husser


Remedee Labs

“Companies like Toxeos are at the center of this perfect storm designing solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help medtech marketers like myself to effectively and more efficiently make sense of it all. The use of AI can only help expedite decision making. But it is key to remember that as experienced professionals the first important step is to know what questions to ask and when.”

Andrea Albornoz

Head of Global Marketing and Sales