Managing Remeedee’s Data Deluge


Remedee Labs is a scaleup business founded in 2016 in Grenoble, France, by a trio of experts bringing with them experience in micro and nano technologies as well as biomedical research. They are currently developing and rolling out a service platform that helps users manage chronic pain using technology. 

Beginning with a focus on fibromyalgia, Remedee knew they needed a way of managing and understanding all the data being fed back to them via their devices. They reached out to Toxeos who worked with them to develop a go-to market strategy.

The Need

Remedee’s technology uses microchips to stimulate and track endorphin release in the patient’s body to help manage chronic pain that comes with conditions such as fibromyalgia. Although feedback from patients is important, given that their technology has a relatively small user base (approximately 1000 people) information from the hospitals and physicians managing their treatment is vital also. 

With so much data being generated, Remedee needed a streamlined way of gathering and accessing the information needed to develop their platform further. Remedee wanted their platform to be seen as a trusted and reliable resource by both medical professionals and patients. 

While Remedee was very confident about its chances of success, without a handle on the information they needed, gaining further investment and scaling further would be very difficult.

The Solution

Connecting with Toxeos in 2020 during their development stages, Remeedee began to map out a plan of action. Toxeos developed a strategy which would track data from patients as well as GPs. 

This data would then be interpreted into a series of agreed KPIs and would help determine if the right patients were being selected – feedback of the physician managing the patient’s care.

Beyond just the quantitative data, Toxeos encouraged ways to involve, communicate with, and educate the patients who were using the devices. They understood that although it’s difficult to maintain that contact, it would be important in securing trust and brand loyalty – precisely what Remedee relies upon.

“When we looked for a partner to help us scale our product, develop more features, and appeal to investors, Toxeos quickly showed their ability to support this through data driven marketing.”

Jacques Husser – CEO, Remedee Labs

The Result

Remedee now has a platform which can segment a wealth of information and have immediate impact on the business. They can more easily map their patient journeys which not only helps with targeting; it gives them the insight needed to configure their product to address other areas of chronic pain – such as migraines. 

In addition, data can also be shaped clearly into a narrative – which can be shown to current and potential investors. This enables Remeedee to demonstrate the positive impact that investment has – as well as what further financing could yield.

Remedee have big plans for their technology. They can see a future where it is widely adopted and this will bring even more data. Needless to say they’ll continue to rely on Toxeos to scale and help patients across the world.

“Toxeos showed that they were the right partner to help us take our product to market. They combined their expertise in the medtech field with an approach focusing on getting us the most value from our data.”

Jacques Husser – CEO, Remedee Labs

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