Helping A Major ENT Player Scale Up


We worked with one of the leading ENT companies which had built an impressive portfolio following several acquisitions.

While other divisions within the business had a wealth of connections to key opinion leaders and potential customers, with numerous new product offerings, the team didn’t have this luxury. They knew if they were going to scale their operation they needed a way to target and partner with the right healthcare organisations (HCOs) and professionals (HCPs).

That’s why they enlisted Toxeos to help them on this journey.

The Need

Because the team had only been operational for two years, they were growing fast and getting to grips with the market. While they had a good idea of their market size and the rules of engagement, building in-depth organisational knowledge would take time.

What they lacked was the insight and understanding of their market at a finer, granular level. While other data services could list out the names of individual influencers and practitioners, as well as where they worked, what they lacked was information which made these professionals unique – such as their different specialisations, research, publications, social media presence, the patients they treat, their network, experience and impact in the category.

Without a way to segment their target markets, the team’s ability to scale further would be hampered.

The Solution

The solution put in place had to work for the whole team and needed to be presented in a way that was clear and easy to use. Integrations with the existing Power BI setup gave them the ability to visualise the data Toxeos provided.

The project began in March 2020. Although this coincided with the first COVID lockdowns there was next-to-no impact on the project. The system put in place gave them a complete picture of potential HCP and HCO leads – across 10 specific persona profiles.

The Result

The data Toxeos generated continues to be used across the different countries they operate in. The segmentation available allows each team member to get very specific profiling insight – which has helped tremendously with buy-in.

With the newly hired sales force needing to hit the ground running, the data they now have at their fingertips gives them an accelerated market understanding – right across the team. Having insight into a potential customer, allows the sales team to quickly develop rapport and show an understanding of that individual. A story can be tailored to each client and this boosts the chances of conversion at every interaction.

The next step will be to continue working with Toxeos to enrich the data they now have with further insight – which will help further refine their customer understanding, allowing them to continue to expand.

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