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Toxeos: from the Greek “το τόξο” – meaning “the crossbow”.

Reach your target audience of medical professionals with pinpoint accuracy

About Us

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Decades of experience working in MedTech sales and marketing taught us the importance of personal connections. But even the most talented individuals can’t be everywhere at once. And getting a complete overview of each expert and organisations involves a lot of heavy lifting – in research terms. However, given the continued importance of digital interaction and the sheer volume of data out there, ensuring you reach the right professional – and have all of the relevant information about them is a vital first step. That’s the idea behind Toxeos – getting informative, trusted, high quality information about the exact professionals in your field of interest: on-demand. Our secret? A fusion of data science and visualisation engineering. With Toxeos you can instantly turn data into actionable insights.

About Us

Our Team

Christophe Constantin

Founder and Managing Partner

Owen Briant

Director Analytics & Visualisation

Amruta Unde

Solution Architect

Uday Shinde

Developer Analyst

Nilesh Kasande

Technology Architect

Cynthia Rodrigues

Implementation Specialist

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