A Different Approach to CRM

A Different Approach to CRM

The time has come: manufacturers are finally seeing sales return to pre-COVID levels. But, as the Delta variant looms and another wave threatens around the corner, there is no better time for medtech providers to take a step back, reflect on what they have learned so far, and prepare for the future.

In the past, we never used to worry about saving data in a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Medtech teams would jump on a plane to get insights into their market or territory – and leverage this internal knowledge to prove their value to the organization.

But COVID-19 forced us to be collaborative, to use data strategically, and to centralise our organizational knowledge. Now it’s time to reflect on how we’re managing with this adapted model and decide whether it’s ever worth going back to normal.

Will These New Ways Remain, Even Post-pandemic?

As restrictions ease, it’s understandable to want to get back in-person and meet with your customers face-to-face. But there’s more to consider than safety. Travel budgets have been cut or reallocated. Employees are satisfied to be working from home. And many medtech firms have made sizable investments in digital marketing professionals who have proven the efficiencies of online targeting over trade shows and conventions.

Before reverting to in-person sales, medtech firms need to assess this new digitized approach that was thrust on them in the early days of COVID-19 and determine if it’s in their best interest to stay the course. Our prediction? A thoughtful balance between digital technologies and a human touch.

Putting What We’ve Learned To Good Use

We’re entering the era of the digital sales force: a remote team of specialists armed with all of the technology and data they could ever need within their reach. We’ve seen that fundamental across the board, from product design and business strategy to CRM and multi-channel targeting.

Companies are learning that software and digital services can be prioritized over office space, and they’re using these new tools to help them bolster their customer knowledge and improve their multi-channel targeting. The next step is to build out data-driven personas.

As strategies and tactics for digital marketing are further honed by medtech providers, crystallizing personas will become an increasing focus of the leading brands. We believe that the best way to optimize your marketing efforts and ensure your transition to a digital-first approach is effective, is by knowing exactly who, where, and when you are targeting.

With Toxeos, you can gain access to in-depth customer segmentation in order to streamline your messaging and see a lift in your outreach efforts – without ever setting foot on an aeroplane.

Want to find out more? Contact the Toxeos team today!

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